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EO Smith Survivor
It's not a reality show if it's real life...
(crossposted from my journal but EOS survivor worthy) Well, today I… 
25th-May-2004 06:10 pm
(crossposted from my journal but EOS survivor worthy)

Well, today I was in English and Mr. Murray got a phone call...From the Balding Badger... for me. I said my traditional "I didn't do it... this time." This was followed by a "I guess you did" by Mr. Murray. Soo I wandered my way to the office not exactly hurrying. I wander over to the gates of hell...by that I mean the Balding Badger's office. It ended up being about the fact that the game of Idiot we were playing on wednesday carried into the pledge of allegiance and Needledick (Mr. Neiderwerfer) had a hot flash and threw a tantrum like a 3 year old. He said "If this happens again again I'll take away your cards," NOT "if this happens I'll give you an OD because of my PMS."

Translation: I have an OD to serve on thursday. ...With Virginia because she didn't watch her fucking swearing problem in front of Ms. Shore. >:(

Go ahead, laugh at my misfortune!
25th-May-2004 05:25 pm (UTC)
we weren't even speaking. it was the fact that we were playing cards. we thought we could finish our game before it began.
25th-May-2004 06:01 pm (UTC)
oh, thats gay.
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