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EO Smith Survivor
It's not a reality show if it's real life...
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16th-Apr-2004 08:46 pm - wow
so this is cool. i can talk about how much i hate eo smith and all the students.

2 more months of bullshit and then im out of that hellhole.

ps: listen to my radio show friday nights from 10- 12 on 91.7 WHUS storrs
15th-Jan-2004 08:01 pm - yay!!!!
yay!!! we have no school!! we have no school!! lets thank the heavens thats itll be -40degrees outside and nothing will work and everyone will freeze to death.
15th-Jan-2004 03:32 pm - *sighs*
Anyone else appreciate our little fire alarm today?
7th-Jan-2004 04:54 pm - Second Semester Blues
Link, Bombs!
Ok, I should be happy beacuse I'm doing good in school. Have stuff I needed to get done, done.
But my secudling is messed up. I might not beable to get to do stuff I want to do in the afternoon beacuse I gotta do an independent study.
Why? Beacuse Mrs.McGrath was a SUCKY guidance counsolr when I had her. And she messed up my damn secudal in my Softmore year...so I'm missing a PE credit.

Damn it all.
Anyone else have to deal with THAT one?!
12th-Nov-2003 12:42 pm - verdict
100 hours of community service.
2 years probation.
not to set foot on e o smith proporty.

does this seem gay to anyone else?
27th-Aug-2003 06:58 pm(no subject)
So school started back up today...anyone still currently going to E.O.? What did you think? I think there are way to many people in the school, and I only got there after school ended.
26th-Aug-2003 02:24 am(no subject)
Do the upperclassmen still have open campus??? I loved that. My old school if u left the grounds u were punished big time.
26th-Aug-2003 12:04 am - ::puts on swim mask::
monkie lives.

A guy cam up to the counter at work.
"Hey tom"
::thinks he's reading my nametag::
"You don't remember me do you?"
"High school"
"Oh, i've surpressed most of my memories from there."
"Were you in any of my classes?"
"I don't think so...i never went to them anyway...
BUT i WAS at graduation this year."
::both burst out laughing::
him: "So what happened with all of that anyway"
"Well, i gotta go back to court on the 10th"
"Damn, that sucks"
"Yeah, they're blowing it out of porportion"
"Yeah...I think it was a cool move on your part though."
"Thanks. You should come testify for me"

I still gotta send Mr Diloretto notice that i'm applying for accelerated rehab...
cause court is on the 10th.
25th-Aug-2003 06:05 pm(no subject)
Hey i never knew there was an E.O.Smith group. Well i'm Joe. I'm Boreing, and i graduated from E.O. in 01.
20th-Jul-2003 02:12 am(no subject)
Ok my first entery in this communitee and its 2 am so yeah Its going to be a weird one ;) Reading Eric's entery was a cool optimistic out look and I realize that there are worst schools to go to then EO. But its fun to say eo sucks. Some of the administration and all really need to chill. I personally have probs with some but thats from things that happened and yeah.. Anyways I have yet to survive EO though so wish me luck! As for the convo with Tom I do think that they try to crush our spirits but not to the exstent that other schools do I guess. I have never been to any other schools other then Connecticut's, Annie Vintion and Mansfield middle school. I Guess Uconn is the collage I'll be going to to save on exspenses though I have yet to get a job my birthday is in 6 days, saturday.. yeah well hows my first entery and written at 2 am *is so proud of her self* (thinks did I spell that right?) heehee love n hugs I'm out
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